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July 9th Weekly Call

· One min read
Salman Faris

The Weekly call started by getting to know the ESP-C3 Dev module from DFRobot, and we had great discussions on LoRa, Thread and Matter protocols.

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Muhammed Zain Shared his wild fire prediction project, which uses LoRa radio communication methods to transfer the information and LoCom, That is build for remote communities for emergency communication. wild fire prediction project, and Travis shared a project called One Planet Education where the LoCom project can be helpful and shared a similer project called Off-grid LoRa Communicator that similar to LoCom.

Travis then shared about the open thread project and maker youtube channel, and that led the discussion to ESP-NOW Protocol


  • Akid
  • Travis
  • Paul
  • Muhammed Zain
  • Salman Faris
  • Vincent
  • Gray Hat Guy LLC

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